10 hiking apps and gadgets for hitting the trail

Prepare to face the great outdoors.

Even though this article mentions spring hiking, the advice is applicable all year round. Especially if you’re hiking in the mountains where the weather can change from a bucolic, wildflower filled Disneyesque experience like the photo above to a raging blizzard in minutes – even in the middle of summer. Be prepared.

A spring hike is a great way to take advantage of the newly-warm weather. But it also comes with hazards like lingering snow, unpredictable downpours, and winter-damaged roads and trails. To prepare, you need to bring basic essentials like extra clothing, snacks and water, and first aid supplies. In order to hit the trail with even more confidence, we also recommend that you carry technological help: Download some extra apps and pack a few trusty gadgets. We’ve selected 10 pieces of spring-hiking tech that will guide you through the great, still-slightly-damp outdoors.

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