My 3 Favorite Travel Gadgets

How many times have you had a purse, backpack or other item sitting on top of your roller bag, only to have it fall off, and usually at the worst time?

Well, I have, many times. I was so happy when I found this Travelon Travel Bag Bungee. It holds just about anything, and it works. It hardly takes any space – I keep mine in a little outside pocket on my Briggs & Riley carry on bag when I’m not using it. Click on the photo to buy it.

This is my phone case. Why do I love it? For a couple of reasons. First, my Moto Z Play phone is very slippery without a case. It’s beautiful and all that, but did they have to make it so slippery? I watch a lot of movies when I fly, and I got tired of holding my phone at just the right angle. I finally figured out that the phone case I needed was called a kickstand case. Click on the image to go to Amazon’s extensive list of inexpensive kickstand phone cases to find one for your phone.

When you travel, you always need to charge something. It never fails that when you REALLY need to charge something, you

  • can’t find a plug
  • find a plug halfway across the airport and there’s nowhere to sit while you watch your device
  • happily find a plug that nobody is using, only to discover that nobody is using it because it doesn’t work
  • you find a plug but it takes f o r e v e r to charge your device.

Then I discovered the “Anker PowerCore 26800 Portable Charger, 26800mAh External Battery with Dual Input Port and Double-Speed Recharging, 3 USB Ports for iPhone, iPad, Samsung Galaxy, Android and other Smart Devices”. That’s how it’s listed in Amazon. This thing runs around $60 USD and you can find cheaper ones, but I recommend this one because it only needs to be charged once in a lifetime. Well, that’s a lie, but you can charge everybody’s device at your gate and probably still have power left. Well, that’s not true either, but you get what I’m saying. Click on the picture to buy it.

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