8 Ways Basic Economy Fares Can Ruin Your Trip

Remember the good old days when you had just two choices when you bought a plane ticket? First class or economy. In either class, you could pick your seat, and that’s pretty well the only thing you had to do. Then the airlines started to cut costs by eliminating, then charging for food. Then charging for more than one checked bag which became shelling out for every bag. Seats became smaller, leg room was squished. When the ultra discount airlines popped up, making you pay extra for everything like seat selection, food, checked bags, overhead storage for your carry-on, etc., the big guys took notice and started doing the same things.

Welcome to basic economy.

The introduction of basic economy fares in the last couple of years has made finding a deal on airfare more complicated. Travelers looking to do some comparison shopping can no longer just look at each airline’s lowest available price, since that ticket may or may not include extras like overhead bin space or assigned seating. Understanding what each airfare actually gets you has gotten harder. Anyone who really wants to know if they’re getting the best deal should pay attention.

Here’s a great article from Smarter Travel that tells you exactly what basic economy is, and what to watch out for.

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