A Taste Of Nova Scotia

Some of my favorite memories of Nova Scotia involve lobster.


We moved to Nova Scotia in 1965 from the landlocked Canadian Prairies. Living by the ocean was something my friends took for granted, but I was entranced. I spent as much time near the water as I could.

We had family friends who had a house right on the beach, and they would invite us over for a lobster boil. The recipe was simple. Lobster, right out of the water, a huge pot, a few gallons of salty seawater, some seaweed thrown in for flavor, and occasionally fresh corn on the cob, cooked on a blazing fire on the beach. Eating lobster was messy, cracking the shells and claws with hammers or a nutcracker, dipping the lobster in melted butter, and eating on the sand with a paper plate and a lot of napkins.

Fast forward a few decades, and we moved back to Nova Scotia’s Annapolis Valley. Hall’s Harbour was just up and over the North Mountains on the Bay of Fundy, home to some of the world’s highest tides (you’ll see a time lapse in the video), and also the home of Lee’s Lobster Pound. When we lived there, it was little more than a fisherman’s shack right on the wharf with a couple of picnic tables and big propane cooker. But the lobster was the best. You could buy it live, or they would cook it for you right there.

It’s changed a little since the 80s when we lived there, but I bet the lobster is still just as good.

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