Beach Safety: Where To Keep Your Stuff

It’s an age old problem. When you get to the beach, where do you store your valuables?


You can always designate one person to stay while everybody else heads to the water. You could always ask somebody nearby to watch your stuff, but that’s probably not very smart. And even if they are trustworthy, what if they fall asleep, get distracted, have to go to the bathroom, etc?

Take as few valuables as possible to the beach. A credit card, maybe some cash, your phone (if you really need it), and your car keys. If you’re driving, leave as much as you can in the car, out of sight and locked up in the trunk or in the glove box.

Thieves are crafty. They know that most people hide their stuff under their beach towel, maybe in their shoes. They will always go for an easy target that lets them get away quickly. If your stuff isn’t hidden, make sure you can see it at times.

Some people put their valuables in a plastic ziplock bag and bury it in the sand. That’s probably the cheapest and easiest way to do it.

But there are other things you can purchase. Here are a few ideas for you.

I love this one. It comes with a custom towel which has an attached pillow. NOTE: This was sold out at press time. I guess that’s a testament to its popularity.81O7DI5sQCL._SL1500_

If you have a beach chair or chaise lounge chair, this one just attaches, making it less desirable for a thief.

If you want to keep everything with you, but still want to jump into the water, this one might work for you.91VFXREGmEL._SL1500_

Here’s another dry bag that you could carry around your neck.


Here’s a belt version of the take it with you storage.71HRRUIGswL._SL1200_