Beware Of These Common Travel Scams Around The World

If you’ve never heard of the turkey drop, you’re not alone.  It’s just one of the many travel scams from around the world.

Illustration by Alex Zivatar.

It’s hard to be aware of these scams if you’ve never been told about them.

Just before a trip to Paris, I read about a theft method that is supposedly common in Paris. And it happened to us. We were getting on the Metro one morning and just before the doors closed a group of teens ran onto the car and stood next to us. They were goofing around, jostling each other (and us), laughing, and acting like typical teens you’d see anywhere. Living in New York and taking the subway everyday, I always took my backpack off before I got on the train and sat it on the floor between my feet. Not only for comfort and courtesy to my fellow passengers, but to keep someone behind me from robbing my backpack. These kids were surrounding us, and I became suspicious because the train car was almost empty, yet they crowded around us. I told my wife to put her backpack between her feet, and as I was telling her this, a man on the train did that “I’m watching you” thing, pointing two fingers at his eyes and then at the kids. I nodded my thanks and proceeded to to glare at the kids and told them to move away from us. They got off at the next stop, presumably to try to rob someone else.

Luckily we’ve never been targeted since then. I learned something about scams from this piece, and I hope you will, too.

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