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To find the best ticket prices, it always pays to use different search sites. Momondo and SkyScanner are the Zoonie Travel favorites.

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Why Momondo and Skyscanner?

Momondo and Skyscanner are Zoonie Travel’s favorite search engines because they add little or no markup to the sometimes amazingly cheap fares that they find, unlike some of the other, perhaps better known, search engines. What they all do is scrape the internet for fares, and quite often those fares come from what are called Online Travel Agencies or OTAs. And you probably have never heard of many of them.

So, who are they, and should you trust your booking through them? Well, yes and no.  Zoonie always recommends using Momondo and Skyscanner to find the fares you like, and then go to the airline’s site to book your ticket there to avoid the middleman OTAs. Quite often, but not always, you will find the same cheap fare on the airline’s website.

To understand OTAs and how this all works, there’s an excellent explanation here on Scott’s Cheap Flights. It’s worth a minute of your time.

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