The Foodies Guide To Chile

By Chris Davies

Santiago Chile

Chile is a country with a flourishing food, wine and beer culture, and it’s brimming in new-found confidence. I tasted my way around five areas of Chile: from ‘witch potatoes’ on Chiloé Island to artisanal beer brewing in Valparaíso. Here’s why now is the perfect time for foodies to visit Chile.

When I was a kid I had one of those atlas globes that you almost never see in children’s playrooms anymore. Mine was the blow-up kind, and before it became a soccer ball, got punctured and thrown away, I’d sit and set it to spin, jabbing down with my finger and wondering if I’d ever visit that country or another one distant day.

Chile was hard to put a finger on. Perhaps that’s why it intrigued me the most. I’d spin and jab, and end up in the Pacific. Spin again and again until eventually I’d skewer Santiago, and so somehow make it certain that one day I’d see it for myself.

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