How I Saved $700 On Air Fare.

With a little work, I saved $700 on air fare.

I am constantly looking at airfares to find the cheapest flights.

Lately I have been a little fixated on the Canary Islands, mainly because it is so cheap to get there from just about any place in Europe. Not to mention that it is sunny, warm, and has beaches.

This little exercise will show you how, with a little work, you can find these kinds of savings.

First, I always start with Google Flights. Google’s search engine is so powerful that it can instantaneously show the flights and their costs. Those costs are not usually the cheapest, but it’s where I start because I can see a whole month at a time. I can change the trip length as well to get a ballpark figure. When I find my cheapest dates, I use three other search engines for comparison, Momondo, Skyscanner, and Go Euro, to find the cheapest fares. You can find those search engines here.

For this exercise, I used Denver as the starting point since it’s the closest international airport to me. The dates I chose were Tuesday February 5 – Tuesday February 12 2019. In reality I would probably choose a longer trip, since we’re going to lose at least a day each way sitting on airplanes, or waiting for one. By the way, Tuesday and Wednesday are the best days to fly. You will almost always find the cheapest flights on those days.

A flight from Denver to Las Palmas on Gran Canaria, one of the Canary Islands was $1347 return with stops in Dallas and Madrid.

A non-stop flight from Denver to New York JFK was $181 return.

JFK to London Gatwick LGW was $343 return.

Stansted to Las Palmas LPA was $76.

TOTAL: $600

That’s a saving of about $700! If you’re really budget minded, that could pay for your hotel.

This is a very simplified version of a trip booking. Things like layovers, the cost of any airport transfers, baggage requirements, seat selection, etc. are not factored in this little exercise. But you really can save a lot of money if you do a little work.

By the way, if you’ve read this far and you’d like a free trip planning session, just leave us a comment below.

All prices are in US dollars and were available at the time of posting.

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