How To Avoid Becoming A Victim When Traveling

First, let me say this. Don’t be afraid to travel.

My wife and I have been to Europe five times, and we have never had a problem. On our last trip to Paris, we were getting on the Metro when a group of giggling, rambunctious, young teenagers crowded in behind us. I immediately became suspicious because they crowded up next to us, even there weren’t that many people on the Metro car. I told my wife to keep an eye on them and to watch her backpack. Then, an older man on the car made a gesture with two fingers pointing at his eyes, then pointing at the teenagers. I nodded my head, appreciating that he also had concerns. I made eye contact with the kids closest to me and did not stop looking at them. After a minute or two, they moved away, then got off the train at the next stop.

I wasn’t worried because my common sense – call it gut instinct – warned me to be vigilant. I don’t carry my wallet, passport, or cash in a pocket that can be easily picked. I have a jacket and pants with pockets that either button closed, or they have a zipper. I always carry my passport and cash in the front pockets of my pants where a pickpocket will rarely go. When I’m in a crowd I always take my backpack off and stand with it between my feet so that nobody can get to it without me seeing them.

Here’s a Forbes Magazine story about pickpocket proof clothing.

The bottom line? Use your common sense, and do your research before you to any destination.

Here’s a helpful article from AIG.

8 Travel Scams Happening Right Now in Europe and How to Avoid Them


8 Travel Scams Happening Right Now in Europe and How to Avoid Them


In an effort to keep travellers safe, AIG has uncovered 8 of the most common travel scams that are currently happening in Europe. From “highway pirates” in Italy to bogus plainclothes police officers in the Czech Republic, there are all sorts of scam artists waiting to take advantage of travellers and their wallets.


Arm yourself with the knowledge of how to handle tricky situations by checking out an infographic designed to expose these travel scams.  Add an extra layer of protection for yourself and your fellow travellers with travel insurance from AIG.


Europe travel scams infographic