Is It Safe To Visit The United States?

You would be surprised how often I get asked if it’s safe to visit the United States.


I understand the reasons for this question. Anyone who doesn’t live here is probably afraid of the amount of gun violence. There’s no denying the fact that that the US gun violence numbers are higher than any other of the so-called civilized countries. The current atmosphere of xenophobia combined with the racism and violence that seem to dominate the headlines makes many choose another country.

But is it unsafe for someone from another country to visit? My answer is an emphatic NO!

And for a lot of the world, the US is a bargain, especially for Europeans. Sorry Canada.  At the time of writing, the Euro was worth US$1.20 and the UK pound US$1.36. Airfares from Europe are at an all time low, so it’s a good time to visit this huge country.

A fellow blogger, Nomadic Matt, has written an excellent article about this. You can read it here.

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