Living like the locals — in their homes: In Puerto Vallarta


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It’s a little scary. Renting somebody else’s home in an exotic locale. What happens if the toilet gets blocked? Or the water heater dies? We didn’t have toilet problems, but the water heater did die when we first rented a condo. We called, and it was fixed. A little inconvenient for a few hours, but having our own house to ourselves was the perfect solution for a big family like ours. And the price was certainly cheaper than renting hotel rooms.

My wife and I and three daughters were so happy to be right on the beach, with a pool, and each daughter had her own room. We could walk to a supermarket, so we cooked most of our own meals. The condo was owned by an American couple, and since they were still working, they rented it out when they couldn’t be there. And the pool was never so clean since Octavio, the maintenance guy, saw my three gorgeous daughters lying in the sun by the pool!

This Washington Post piece by Alex Pulaski talks about the worries about renting a home, the experiences his family had, and the relationships they made by not staying in a faceless, sterile hotel.