Miami To Fortaleza, Brazil Non-Stop $298 USD Roundtrip.

Fly from Miami, Florida to Fortaleza, Brazil for as little as $298 USD return, non-stop.

Brésil - Fortaleza
Fortaleza, Brazil – Photo: Pascal Subtil via Flickr, used under Creative Commons License (By 2.0)

Click here to find this fare. This fare was available at the time of posting. Sample fare dates are Friday Match 29 – Friday April 5 2019.

Why we like this fare:

    • It’s under $300 USD
    • Fortaleza has about 25 kilometres (16 mi) of urban beaches
    • It’s always in the high 20s Celsius/low 80s fahrenheit
    • It’s inexpensive to get to Miami from just about anywhere

There’s plenty more than just nice beaches in Fortaleza. Book tours, attractions, and activities online

GOL is Brazil’s second largest airline, but it is also a low cost carrier. You will get 22lbs of carry-on + one personal item like a backpack. In addition, for international flights, you will be charged $15 for the first bag via their website or $30 at check-in, and $35 via their website or $70 via check-in for the 2nd bag. You can check airline safety ratings here.

Brazil introduced e-Visa for Americans. You no longer need to visit one of their consulates to get a visa. The difference between the e-Visa and one from the consulate:

  • e-Visa: Valid for 2 years, 90 days max per visit, $40.
  • Consulate issued visa: Valid for 10 years, 90 days max per, $160
  • To apply for the e-Visa: Visit Brazili’s e-Visa site.

Here’s a map to show you where Fortaleza is located in Brazil. Learn more about Fortaleza on Wikipedia.

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