The Most Affordable Countries Worth Visiting.

CEOWORLD magazine has chosen 25 of the most affordable countries for Americans to travel to in 2019.

The ghostly colors of the aurora borealis captured above an unidentified person standing on a frozen lake in northern Canada / Shutterstock

Chosen from around the world, the list showcases travel destinations that offer a quality experience at a budget price. A handful of travel experts and insiders give their picks for cheap, yet quality travel spots around the globe.

From here, the countries receive an overall score and are listed from 1 – 25. Mexico took the top spot, as it is an extremely beautiful and fascinating country that shares a border with the United States. Greece came second, and India third. Canada took the 16 spot with an overall score of 71.62.

Top 25 Affordable Countries

  1. Mexico (Score: 88.86)
  2. Greece (Score: 85.38)
  3. India (Score: 85.21)
  4. Qatar (Score: 82.87)
  5. Poland (Score: 80.98)
  6. South Africa (Score: 75.65)
  7. Jamaica (Score: 75.28)
  8. Indonesia (Score: 74.89)
  9. Italy (Score: 74.63)
  10. Vietnam (Score: 74.54)
  11. Croatia (Score: 72.96)
  12. Malaysia (Score: 72.84)
  13. Bulgaria (Score: 72.67)
  14. Peru (Score: 72.32)
  15. Chile (Score: 71.96)
  16. Canada (Score: 71.62)
  17. China (Score: 71.41)
  18. Canary Islands (Score: 71.38)
  19. Portugal (Score: 71.31)
  20. Guadeloupe (Score: 70.95)
  21. Thailand (Score: 70.91)
  22. Laos (Score: 70.82)
  23. Cuba (Score: 70.68)
  24. Morocco (Score: 70.56)
  25. Sri Lanka (Score: 70.27)

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