The Seashell House On Isla Mujeres, Mexico Then And Now

Back in 1997, my wife and I took our first trip together to Mexico. Just off the coast of Cancun is an island, Isla Mujeres. Back then it was still pretty wild, not much as far as resorts, condos, etc. To the best of my recollection, there were only a couple of hotels there, and a few beach side hole in the wall bars. It wasn’t a huge tourist draw, and the people who went there loved the lack of everything that the Cancun hotel strip is.

We rented a cart and drove around the island. We stopped to admire what we called the seashell house. It was kind of in the middle of nowhere in wild scrub brush with no neighbors close by. It looked like people were also living in the old bus parked next to it, on the left in the photo. I always wondered about its history and what it looked like inside.

Fast forward 21 years and the seashell house has changed a little.

It’s now an Airbnb rental. The owner has written the history of the house and posted some photos of the interior on the listing. And now I know.

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