The Tablet Designed Just For Seniors

Enjoy a secure family network on a grandPad tablet, specifically designed for older adults that are unfamiliar or uncomfortable with technology.

Put this lab-tested tech tool on your what-to-buy list: grandPad is a device specially designed to be used by seniors, who often feel left out of our Instagram world. Its simple interface makes it a snap to take and send photos, access music, do video chats, dictate (instead of type) emails and more.

grandPad on Vimeo.

The grandPad has been intentionally locked down to restrict the number of capabilities it offers to a very limited and secure set. It’s perfect for a video-chat with family, using voice email in real time, sharing photos, playing games, making phone calls and more. Plus, grandPad just partnered with Lyft, so it’s easy for him or her to request rides to see their friends, go shopping and more. No confusing buttons, passwords or pop-up ads, and wireless connectivity is built-in.

The grandPad uses the Verizon network which should give you good coverage just about everywhere. No Verizon account is required. The tablet also connects via WiFi. Unfortunately, the grandPad is not available in Canada yet, and they don’t ship outside the US.

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