Vancouver Ambulances

  • Buy insurance! How much is your trip going to cost? Is it worth risking the cost of your trip if something unforeseen happens? In my experience, you can get very good coverage for as little as $100. The peace of mind as well as the coverage could literally save your life. Most policies have a deductible, so make sure the deductible isn’t too high.
  • You must cover emergency medical expenses, and emergency evacuation costs. Some insurers are recommending as much as 5 million dollars in coverage. Even if you have national health care, it may not cover many of the costs associated with care and/or evacuation from another country.
  • Baggage loss and delay is another essential. If you have to buy clothing, or other items to use until your luggage is found, keep your receipts to give to your insurance company if you make a claim.
  • You may also want to recover a portion of your trip costs if your vacation has to be canceled or cut short. Make sure you read the fine print, and call them if there’s anything you don’t understand. Do this before you leave, not after there’s a problem.
  • Don’t buy insurance from your tour operator, cruise company, or hotel. Buy from an independent, well rated company like Allianz.
  • sells coverage from 21 reputable carriers, and can save you money.