Do I Need A Visa To Go To?

We take our freedom to travel for granted.

When is the last time you even thought about whether you need a visa to visit a certain country?

As of this writing, the German passport is #1, allowing its citizens to visit 161 countries without a visa. Canada and the US are tied for #5 at 157. The bottom of the list at #93 is Afghanistan which is visa-free in only 23 countries.

What happens if you get to country that requires a visa and you don’t have one? It depends. Some countries will allow you to get a visa on arrival. But many require prior approval, which can take months, before you’re admitted into the country. That means you’re stranded in an airport until you can book a flight home, or to a country that doesn’t require prior approval. Sounds like a ruined vacation.

So, here’s how you find out each country’s visa requirements step by step. First, go to Passport Index, an excellent web site that will tell you everything you ever wanted to know about passports, visas and more. Click on Compare in the top right corner.

You will see a white bar across the screen with several labeled boxes. Click on Select Passport and select your country. If you have multiple passports, enter each of them in the boxes labeled Compare To.

You will see a list of countries with each of their visa requirements.

If you only want to see a single country, click the box next to the name of the country on the left of your screen, then click the box that says Filter.

If you have multiple passports and you want to compare the different visa requirements of each, click on the Show Differences Only switch on the top left of your screen.

Wikipedia has a good summary of visa requirement details for the US.

For Canadians.

For the United Kingdom.




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