Toronto & Vancouver Cheap Winter & Spring Flights To Mexico

You will not find cheaper flights than this from Canada to Mexico, and we recommend that you book these fares now. Seats are limited, but these fares were available at the time of posting. 

Cabo San Lucas, Mexico
Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

Toronto to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico $382 CAD round trip Tuesday April 23 – Monday May 6 2019.

How to get this fare

Go to Google Flights. Go to the bottom of the page and check to see that Canada is selected for country and CAD for Canadian currency. Enter the dates Tuesday April 23 – Monday May 6 2019. The cheapest flight you will see is the one above for those dates. Click SELECT which will take you to United’s page where you can book the tickets.

NOTE: There are more expensive, faster trips in the list. Choose your level of agony.

Unless you’re sleeping on the beach (which is discouraged, although I could tell you stories) you will need a place to stay. Click here to see a list of accommodations in Canadian dollars.

FOOD NOTE: All-inclusives are quite expensive in Cabo. I recommend you eat outside the hotel. Cabo has many restaurants for every taste from local holes-in-the-wall (my favorite) to all the fast food places to very high end dining. In my books, any of this is preferable to the usual gruel served up at all-inclusives.

Vancouver to Cancun, Mexico $342 CAD roundtrip Tuesday April 23 – Tuesday May 5 2019.

Cancun, Mexico
Cancun, Mexico

To find this fare, click here, click on View Deal which takes you to American Airlines website.

Here’s a list of available Cancun hotels in Canadian dollars.

Book tours, attractions, and activities in Mexico online

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And you’ll probably need a place to stay.

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