West Coast To Hawaii $300 USD Roundtrip

Fly to Kahului, Maui from Los Angeles, San Francisco/Oakland or Vancouver BC for under $300 USD!

These fares are generally available through the end of May 2019.

Fly on Alaska, Delta, or Hawaiian to Maui. Why so cheap? Well, Southwest Airlines is about to start flying to Hawaii, and that’s making the other airlines nervous. So, they are cutting their fares to build up advance bookings before Southwest steals all their Hawaii business.

To get the best deals at just $298 roundtrip, you must travel mid-week on Hawaiian Airlines in both directions. Weekend trips (departing and returning on Friday, Saturday or Sunday) are more expensive, but still relative bargains at around $358 round trip.

Alaska Airlines also has $298 roundtrips, but they are in the “saver” category which means you cannot get an advance seat assignment– not a good idea if you are hoping to sit with your companion or family members for the five hour flight. However, you can upgrade to main cabin for just $358 round trip- still a good deal.

Flights from Vancouver are actually cheaper – $287 USD on Delta, but they rate high on the Zoonie Travel agony meter because there are two stops at that price, in Salt Lake City and Los Angeles which makes for a 14 hour travel time. There are non-stops from Vancouver for about $400 USD.

How to get these fares:

First go to Google Flights.

1. Make sure to select your country and currency at the bottom of the page before you search your dates.

2. Check the monthly calendar to find your fares. Try different date searches. You may find cheaper fares by searching fewer or more days.

3. Next, do a flight search here to find the cheapest fare using the dates you found on Google Flights. It always pays to spend a little time to compare two or three flight searches to find the very best fares. Occasionally, you will find Google Flights has the cheapest fare.

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