What To Take On Your Winter Road Trip.

Thanks to many winters spent driving in the Rockies, the Sierra Nevada and icy New England, we have recommendations to keep you safe and warm on the road.

There are precautions you can take to stay safe while driving in winter. Credit Rik Paul/Wirecutter

One of the greatest of summer joys — hopping in the car and going for a ride — becomes complicated when temperatures drop and snow starts falling. Locks freeze, windshields ice up, batteries give up the ghost. Roadside emergencies that might, in better weather, be mildly embarrassing — getting stuck on a soft shoulder, say — can be more difficult to deal with and even dangerous. If you’re heading out on a winter road trip, take along these essentials and be prepared.

This tool provides lots of leverage, a razor-sharp scraper for ice, a brush to clear off snow-covered mirrors, and a squeegee for slushy, dirty windshields.

Bring a good outdoor blanket to warm cold feet or comfort complaining children. This one is stain — and dirt — repellent, perfect for car use.

Cold temperatures sap your battery’s power while thickening your engine’s oil, both of which make it harder to turn the engine over — a double whammy.

Lock frozen? Dab a little hand sanitizer on your key, carefully work it into the keyhole, and the alcohol will melt the ice.

A compact, collapsible shovel with a metal edge can cut through ice, dig tracks for tires and clear out a potential parking spot.

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